McFarlane Chronology Scotland

(with a few early American & Jamaican records)


abt 1646 Parlane McFarlane b., spouse Jean Blair (IGI)

4 Nov 1671 Parlane McFarlane m. Jean Blair (Scottish Record Society list of burgesses for Glasgow & IGI).

26 Nov 1671 James McFarlane ch., son of Parlane & Blair (IGI)

13 May 1673 John McFarlane ch., ditto (IGI)

11 Oct 1674 Alexander McFarlane ch., ditto (IGI)

26 Feb 1677 Janet McFarlane ch., ditto (IGI)

Note: all children christened in High Church, Glasgow

12 Nov 1678 Parlane McFarlane, merchant in Glasgow, testament; Jean Blair, executor dative (intestate); (Glasgow Commissary Court, CC9/7/43).

6 Jul 1683 John McFarlane, servitor to Wm. Dennistoun of Colgrain, burgess and guild brother gratis (Scottish Record Society list for Dumbarton).

abt 1694 Robert McFarlane b. Glasgow, spouse Jane Mitchell (IGI)

8 Sep 1697 Parlane McFarlane merchant, burgess, guild member in Dumbarton (Scottish Record Society list for Dumbarton).

13 Apr 1698 William Struthers, merchant in Glasgow made loan to William Jaffray (Register of Deeds, RD4/86/339).

19 Feb 1702 Parlane McFarlane, merchant in Dumbarton made loan to John Brodie, merchant in Largs (Register of Deeds, RD2/91/443).

5 Feb 1703 Parlane McFarlane, merchant in Dumbarton borrowed from John Hill (Register of Deeds, RD4/97/792).

25 Dec 1704 Parlane McFarlane made loan in Dumbarton to Archibald Campbell of Lochs (Register of Deeds, RD90/2/part2/368).

1 Sep 1705 Parlane McFarlane, merchant in Dumbarton, made loan to Thomas Hunter and John Young (Register of Deeds, RD2/91/457).

18 Jul 1706 Robert & John McFarlane, merchants in Dumbarton owe John Harvie; cautioner (surety) was brother, Parlane McFarlane, merchant in Glasgow (Register of Deeds, RD2/92/1109).

5 Jan 1707 Robert McFarlane, merchant in Glasgow accepted bill from John McFarlane of Barrievelland, Colgrain witnesses (Register of Deeds, RD4/372).

15 Jun ???? Parland McFarland, merchant in Glasgow to receive 40 lbs. from Tobias Smollet (Register of Deeds, RD2/93/689).

28 Mar 1719 Robert McFarlane m. Janet Mitchell in Luss (OPR).

24 Sep 1719 Robert McFarlane, merchant, burgess and guild brother m. Janet Mitchell, dau of James Mitchell, merchant and guild brother (Scottish Record Society list for Glasgow).

21 Aug 1724 A. McFarlane, witness to will of John Dinwiddie (King, p. 33-34).

29 May 1725 Alexander McFarlane, of Glasgow, gave power-of-attorney to Capt. William Strothers (King George County, VA DB 1:294).

5 Feb 1725/26 Alexander McFarlane receives judgment against John Ridgdale in King George County, VA (Sparacio, p. 7).

2 Feb 1731 Alexander McFarlane, dissolution of partnership with John Buchanan of Ballato & Co. (Strathclyde Regional Archives, Glasgow, B10/15/4747).

3 Feb 1737 Daniel McFarlain mentioned as neighbor in indenture between Harry Fitzhugh of Stafford County and Richard Curtis of King George County (Sparacio, p. 17).

14 Nov 1737 Robt. McFarlan died leaving his estate to Alex. McFarlan, merchant of Kingston (Jamaica wills, 21:147).

1 May 1747 Robert McFarlane, merchant of Glasgow, testament dative; executor, Janet Mitchell, his wife; Alexander McFarlane, merchant in Jamaica owed him money (Commissary Court of Glasgow, CC9/7/59).

2 June 1747 Alexander McFarlane of Kingston, Jamaica, carpenter, will, probated 3 September 1747; leaving heirs Alexander McFarlane, Esq.; eldest brother John McFarlane; two youngest brothers Walter and Andrew McFarlan; friend James Horn of Kingston, blacksmith; friend Andrew McFarlane; friend, Richard Man (Jamaica wills, 26:57).

23 August 1755 Alexander McFarlane, of Kingston, Jamaica, Esq. will; probated 9 September 1755 (Jamaica Wills, 30:72)

23 August 1755 Alexander McFarlane will names uncle William McFarlane of Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland; mother Helen Spottiswood and brother John Spottiswood of Spottiswoode, Berwickshire, Scotland; cousin Andrew McFarlane, St. Mary's Parish, Jamaica; widow of Robert McFarlane, late shopkeeper in Salt Markett St., Glasgow; cousin Duncan McFarlane; brother Walter McFarlan of Scotland; brother William McFarlan of Edinburgh (Jamaica Wills, 30:72).

1759 Jane McFarlane will indexed in Jamaica wills.

1761 Alexander McFarlane, Glasgow, factor in Chaptico, MD for Pearls Company of Glasgow (Scottish Settlers in North America, vol. 5, p. 163).

1763 Captain Thomas Francis, factor in Chaptico, MD for Pearls Company; reference to McFarlane supposedly having embezzled company funds (Strathclyde Regional Archives, Glasgow, B10/15/6873).

bef 27 Aug 1766 Alexander McFarlane, St. Mary's County, MD, died; will written 13 April 1762; wife, Eleanor only heir.