Augusta County, Virginia 18th Century


Chalkley, Lyman. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia. Extracted from the original court records of Augusta County, 1745-1899. Complete in three volumes. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1966.

Volume I

(xxx) = page number in reference cited


Order Book No. I

10 February 1745/46

p. 13: (5) Petn. Samuel Wallace - Road ordered from William King's to the C.H., thence to Samuel Gay's - Wm. King, Morice Ofrield and John Trimble to lay off 1st part. - Wm. Hutcheson and James Trimble, the residue.


12 February 1745/46

p. 15: (16) Andrew Pickens - Admr. Joseph Martin - and John Trimble, Wm. McFeters, Saml. Wallace and John Brown, Appraisers.


18 June 1746

p. 19: (49) Morrice Offield, John Trimble and Wm. King to make remainder of the road from top of North Mountain to said King's and thence to Co. Ho.


20 August 1746

p. 21: (74) Cap. Daniel McAnaire to be overseer of above road with following tithables: Samuel Wallis, Alexr. Crawford, John Elliott, David Trimble, John Hogshead, Alexr. Gardner, Sampson Archer, Alexr. Gibson, Robt. Davis, Thomas Gardner, Walter Trimble, John Sixby, David Stuart, Ro. Renix, Francis Gardner, John Trimble, Thomas Beard, R. Gilkason, John Archer, James Bell, James Mills, James Dyer, Charles Clendening, Wm. Hogshead, Ro. Ralston, John Moffet, Saml. Lusk, James Phillips, Danl. Brealey, Mathew Edmonston, James Trimble, John Ferguson, Wm. Anderson, John Spears, John McKenney, Wm. Brady, Ro. Armstong, James Miller.


22 August 1746

p. 22: (84) John Trimble to be overseer vice Robt. Young.


20 May 1747

p. 28: (198) Sam. Delap appd. Constable, vice Nath. McClure; John Spear, Constable, vice Jno. Trimble; James Galesp, Constable, vice Wm. Wright; Ro. Ramsey, Constable, vice Thos. Black; Alexr. McCroskie, Constable, vice Charles Hays; John Erwin, Constable, vice James Hogshead; James Hogart and Wallace Ashton, Constable, vice James Maies; Thos. Cohoon and David Miller, Constables, on Roan Oke; Archd. Hamilton and David Stevenson, Constables, vice Danl. Deniston; James Slone, Constable, vice James Hony; Geo. Draper, Peter Rentfrom and James Cohoon, Constables, vice Humb. Lyon; John Ramsey, Constable, vice Wm. Guy; James Beard and John Maggot, Constables, vice Adam Miller; Andrew Scot, Constable, vice John Ramsey; John Campbell, Constable, vice Ro. Givin; John Leath, Constable, vice Elisha Joh; Valentine Sevear, Constable, vice Wm. Carroll; John States, Constable, vice James Robinson; Ro. Montgomerie and John McClintin, Constables, vice Wm. Scot.


Order Book No. III

15 November 1752

p. 55: (361) Mary Moffett, widow of John Moffett, has since intermarried with John Trimble.


21 November 1752

p. 56: (410) Maurice O"Frield, John Trimble, Wm. McFeeters, Wm. Martain, James Young, Jacob Lockart, James Vance, Patrick Martin, Wm. Mc Clintock, Rob. Young, Thos. Piery, John Campbell, James Peary, Robert Davis, James Philips, John Spear, John McMurry, Alexr. McMurry , David Stuard, Hugh Young, John Jameson, Rob. McClellon and John Brown - to work the road under Saml. Wallace from top of North Mountain to the Co. Ho.


21 March 1753

p. 57: (414) John Buchanan . . . William McFeeters . . . John Trimble, Maurice O'Frield . . . to keep road formerly laid off from James Young's Mill to said Buchanan's Mill.


Order Book No. VII

24 September 1763

p. 109: (296) John Trimble and two others and 597 acres added to tithables. Walter Trimble and 159 acres added to tithables.


Order Book No. IX

20 March 1765

p. 118: (238) Charles Floyd vs. Henry Murray - Hugh Allen and Wm. Hyde report as to work done by defendant for John Trimble, Saml. Wallace, Hugh Young and John Brown, trustees for the congregation, for erecting a Meeting House near Brown's.


15 April 1765

p. 120: (335) Court of Claims and Grievances. Wm. Elliott, provisions. John Finley, provisions. Mary Trimble, relict of John Trimble, for horse of John's impressed and provisions. Wm. Armstrong, provisions. Henry Criswell, horse impressed. Samuel Wilson, provisions and horse impressed. John Miller, provisions. David Doage, provisions. Ralph Laverty, provisions. Thos. Beard, provisions. John Trimble, provisions. Nathan Gilliland, carriage of "Flower." John McClary, provisions.


Order Book No. XI

16 March 1768

p. 145: (505) Jame Trimble, aged 15, orphan of John Trimble, chose George Moffett guardian.


Order Book No. XII

18 May 1768

p. 148: (145) Deed: John Brown and wife to John Trimble, John Finley, Wm. McPheeters, Jr., George Berry and Hugh Young, representative or commissioners appointed by the Congregation of the Meeting House, lately called by the name of Brown's (by the approbation and under the conduct of incumbency of the Rev. Chas. Cummins) - recorded.


Order Book XIV

29 March 1771

p. 165: (288) Ann, wife of John Trimble, released dower in 200 acres - deed to James Elliot.


Order Book XIX

18 July 1786

p. 246: (83) Following recommended as Captains, viz: Thomas Turk, Jr., James Crawford and James Bell, Jr. As Lieutenants, viz: John Stuart, James Rankin and John Trimble. As Ensigns: David Henderson, James Kerr, Michael Kellar.


Order Book XXI

15 December 1789

p. 260: (181) David Finley is appointed guardian of John Trimble, orphan of Joseph Trimble.


County Court Judgments

April and June, 1746

p. 293: John Trimble vs. Wm. Hartgrove. - Bond 3d February, 1738-9. Note. - Lives at ye forks of ( ) and married to ye Widow Barnet.


February, 1750

p. 303: Agnes Reid vs. John Trimble. - John Scott, aged above 40 years, and Robert Reed, aged about 50 years. September 25, 1748.


March, 1755 (B)

p. 312: John Trimble vs. George Moffett. - John Trimble sues George because George charged that John had beat and murdered his wife, Mary.


November, 1756 (B)

p. 316: Trimble vs. Gardner. - John Trimble and Mary, his wife, complain of Alexander Gardner and Benjamin Copland. Bond dated 12th September, 1749. Made to Mary Moffett, who married Trimble. Suit begun 1755, 30th November.


May, 1768 (A)

p. 352: John Stevinson vs. William Waterson. - Attachment, 6th April, 1768. On the back of paper is a fragment, as follows: "the said Robert Trimble is to have immediate possession of ye plantation of James Trimble, son of John Trimble, deceased."


June, 1803

p. 419: Archer's Executors vs. Poage's Executors. - Single package. Receipt by Edmond Randolph, signature. Many accounts current and receipts, 1780. Account of John Trimble, December, 1778. . . .


Original Petitions and Papers Filed in the County Court


p. 433: John Trotter's petition vs. Capt. Daniel McAnaire, 4th Tuesday in February, 1749-50. Certificate that John is a very poor man, but had lived honest some years in our neighborhood for what we know. Patrick Martin, John Trimble, Jacob Lockhart, Andrew Pickens, Alexander Crawford.


19th March 1754

p. 439: Commissioners report that of John Moffet's estate, after haying off 1/3 to John Trimble and his wife, there remains in the hands of John, Robert and William Christian, guardians of the children of said Moffett, 260 pounds, 14, 1.


1753-1754, Pt. 1

p. 441: To the Worshipful Court of Augusta now sitting: We, the inhabitants of this County, have long felt the smart of the great indulgence the ordinary keepers of this County have met with in allowing them to sell such large quantities of rum and wine at an extravagant rate, by which our money is drained out of the County, for which we have no return but a fresh suply to pick our pockets. . . . Daniel McAnair . . . John Finley . . . John Trimble . . . James Trimble . . .


1753-54, Pt. 1

p. 443: Petitioners ask that the following be assigned to work the road from James Young's mill to John Buchanan's mill: . . . Buchanan . . . A'Friel . . . John Trimble . . . McFetters . . .


1753-54, Pt. 2

p. 443: May 1753. Road established from Brown's bridge to the Glebe land, and Robert Campbell and John Trimble be surveyors, and with James Lush, they clear and keep the same in order. We do appoint Robert Campbell and John Trimble overseers from John Brown's bridge to the Gleve House and the undernamed persons to clear the same . . . Lusk . . . Berry . . . Wilson . . . McFeeters . . . O'Freel . . . Young . . .


May, 1765 (A)

p. 454: Estil vs. Skilleren. - Augusta Sc -. This day Benjamin Estil came before me and made oath that abou the year 1761, or 1762, William Skilleren gave him a note of hand due said Skilleren from one Henry Long, to endeavor to collect of Long for said Skilleren, and if not collected to reutrn the note of hand to said Skilleren, and that the said note was destroyed by the Indians on the 13th day of September last at the dwelling house of John Trimble deceased, but that there was no credity on said note nor doth he know that . . .. Given under my hand this 20th day of March, 1765. John Dickinson.


2 May 1756

p. 518: John Trimble in militia of Capt. Partrick Martain, 4 August to 16 August, 12 days, pay per day 1/.


p. 527: Following paper in package marked 1755-56-57 it is apparently a fragment - on the back is written . . ... (Endorsed.) We, the undersubscribers, do acknowledge we hav sold our part of the within tobaco to Israel Christian, and desire the tickets for it may come out in his name, as witness our hands. (Signed) John Trimble, William Preston, John Madison . . .. and John Brown.

Volume II

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p. 372: Hume's Old Field Book:23

(22) May ye 10 (survey) of Danial McAnna (beginning) in Wm. Vance's line ( ), Carthie's Kreek. John Trimble's line, courses of McAnaar;s land, beginning at Jno. Trimbles.

(23) Survey for Jno. Trimble, beginning Carthie's Kreek (undated but lying between entries dated 10 May and 11 May 1738).

(24) Survey for Wm. King, Cor. Jno. Trimble.


p. 508: Muster Lists (date not given by Chalkley, but this is the same list given in Crozier for 1742, p. 91).


Augusta Parish Vestry Book

p. 435 (22) William McFeters and Patrick Martin report, viz: Processioned for James Bell, Maurice Ofrail; Wm King, Samuel Wallace, Hugh Young, John Trimble, Wm. McFeters, Jacob Lockhart, Thosl Kirkpatric,, James Clerk, John McCery, Nathan Patterson, Capt. John Wilson, Robert Campbell, Andrew Pickens and Wm. Martin, Robert Campbell, David Campbell, James Lockhart, David Cunningham, Alex. Campbell, Patrick Cook, Patrick Martin. These not processioned, viz: Jas. Bell, John Risk, Capt. John Wilson, John McCutcheon. (not dated but lying between 24 February 1747-48 and 7 March 1747-48)


p. 440: Vestry Book

(147) 1955 - Samuel Givens processioned as follows, viz: For Patt. Crawford, present; for Jno. Givens; for Samuel Givens; for Wm. Givens; for Jas. Givens; for Thos. Turk; for Jas. Turk; for Wm Hinds, present David Moneely; for Samuel Hinds; for Christian Clemons, present Geo. Trout, Christian Clemons, Jr.; for George Trout; for Jno. Hinds; for Thos. Story; for Geo. Patterson; for James Carr; for Edward Rutledge; for John Carr; for Andrew Carr. John Finley and Alex. Crawford processioned as follows, viz: For James Sayers, for Alex. Gibson, for Andrew Foster, for Wm. Bell, for Thos. Armstrong, for Mathew Edmison, for Rob. Gilkison, for Thos. Gardner; James Bell's widow cannot show her lines; for John Trimble, for John Finley, for David Trimble, for Daniel McAnare, for Thos. Beard, for Alex. Crawford, for Jno. Allit, for James McAnare, for Thos. Beard, for Alex. Crawford, for Jno. Allit, for James Kirk, for Robert Armstrong, for Robert McCitrick.


p. 444: Augusta Parish Vestry Book

(183) 28th July, 1756: Margaret, daughter to Daniel Shicon (who has left the County), bound to John Trimble, she is aged one year and 5 months.


p. 465: Augusta Parish Vestry Book

(290) 1760 - ? processioned for John Trimble.


Land Entry Book No. 1, Augusta County

p. 383:

1745, December 9th - John Trimble, 100 acres between his own land and McAnair's (?).


p. 379:

1750, July 30th - Alexander Gibson, 100, on Middle River, joining John Trimble, about 3/4 mile off. Gallaher, vid. Daniel Smith, 1750-51, March 18th. Jacob Gillespie; see Gabriel Pickens.


p. 376:

1751, May 1st - James Armstrong, 200, his own, James Sayers, and John Trimble.


p. 396: Fee Books, 1749-50

(21) Jno. Trimble, Jockey, (February), order to be fined.

p. 391: Fee Books, 1750-51

(116) Jno. Trimble, Jockey, (May 1751).

p. 391: Fee Books, 1750-51

(161) Jno. Trimble, Cooper, (November, 1751), vs. McCleving.

p. 399: Fee Books, 1758

(29) Jno. Trimble, Cooper.

p. 409: Fee Books, 1777

(37) Jno. Trimble, near Staunton.


p. 417: Delinquent in Tax Levy

1755 - List of Robert Breckinridge, Sheriff Jno. Trimble, twice charged.


p. 429: Tithables

1781 - William McPheeters's List Robert Rennick, Benj. Finley, Jno. Trimble (another Jno. Trimble on p. 430 . . . continuation of same listing)


p. 385: Guardians' Bonds

15th December, 1789 - David Finley, ditto of John Trimble, ditto of Joseph Trimble (appointed guardian for).


p. 314: Marriage Bonds

1794 - December 15, John Trimble, Jr., and John Trimble, Sr., surety. John Trimble, Jr., and Mary Depriest.


p. 17: Judgments, April, 1795 (K to Z)

Gaspar Mefford, Jr., vs. Vallentine Sherley - Slander. Augusta, 29th June, 1793. Spa. to Pendelton for Barnhart Willey (Vily). Spa. to Madison for Abraham and Joseph Robinson. Spa. to Rockingham for Gasper Mefford, Sr., John Trimble, Abraham Robinson, John Harner, William Brady, Mary Mafford, John Boyle, John Cathe, Sr. Spa. to Bath for George Lemons. Elizabeth Sealor, of Albemarle.


p. 329: Marriage Bonds

1798 - December 10, Benj. Pursell and John Trimble, surety. Benj. Pursell and Eleanor (Eline) Dunn, of age, daughter of Walter Dunn, deceased.


p. 391: Administrators' Bonds

24th June, 1799 - John Trimble, Jr., administrator, c.t.a., Charles Depriest.


p. 23: Judgments, September, 1799 (A to O)

Crawford vs. Greens - Copy of entry of Timothy and Joseph Green: 1,000 acres on North Mountain, on road from Walter Trimble's joining lines of John Trimble and James Elliott, James Bell, Major Smith Mynes, James and Samuel McChesneys et als., on to Campbell's Gap, by virtue of warrant 10994, to William Armstrong, dated 18th February, 1782. Deposition of Patrick Buchanan, 1792, mentions iron ore. Bank at Clark's Gap. Deposition James Bell in Fayette County, Ky., 1794, at house of Enos Brent, in Lexington. Deponent sold land in Augusta on Calf Pasture to the Greens.


p. 345: Marriage Bonds

1800 - June 28, George Wilson and John Trimble, surety. George Wilson and Isabella Friel, daughter of Daniel Friel, deceased, and Agness Friel (consent). Teste: Maurice Friel.


p. 169: imbedded in William Coleman, of Kentucky, vs. Richardson, Bill filed 4th April, 1808

John Yound, aged 77, deposes in Staunton, 25th June, 1814, first knew Andrew Fowler in 1756 or 1757. Andrew was a soldier in Braddock's War. In year preceding evacuation of Duquesne by French, Andrew was in Cap. Andrew Lewis's Company. John Trimble, aged 72, deposes as above.


p. 394: Inscription on Tombstones at the Glebe Graveyand on the Farm of Thomas Thompson in Augusta County, VA., in 1902. John Trimble, died April 22d, 1824; aged 82. He lived beloved and died lamented,his hospitality was unbounded.


p. 271: Record Book 1834: 213

Deposition of Wm. Gillaspie in Blount County, Tennessee, 1831, that he married John Trimble and Elizabeth Cargo in May, 1806.


p. 271: Record Book 1834: 208

Alexander G. Trimble and Editha Trimble, infant, by Alex. G., her brother and next friend, vs. Silas H. Smith and Saml. A. Cargo. . . . . Elizabeth Cargo married John Trimble and removed to West, and orator and oratrix are their children and are entitled to the limitations to their mother. . . .

Volume III

(xxx) = page number to references cited

p. 5: Will Book No. 1

(7) 7th March 1745-6. Inventory of Joseph Martin apraised by Wm. McFeeters, John Trimble and Jno. Risk. Cross-cut saw and 2 pocket knives, 1 glass bottle. Recorded, 16th April, 1746.

p. 11: Will Book No. l

(136) 19th April, 1749. Patrick Cook's inventory and appraisement by Wm. McPheeters, Wm. McCutchen, Wm. Ledgerwood, Jno. Trimble.


p. 24: Will Book No. 1

(410) 30th November, 1751. David Stewart's bond to collect the County proportion, with sureties Wm. Henderson, Thos. Stewart, Jno. Trimble.


p. 26: Will Book No. 1

(463) 16th November, 1752. Pat McCue's appraisement, by Samuel Wallace, Moses Ofrel, John Trimble.


p. 44: Will Book No. 2

(180) 24th November, 1756. James Lockhart's bond (with John Trimble, Wm. Long, Danl. Harrison) for collection of County levy.


p. 48: Will Book No. 2

(238) 17th November, 1758. John Trimble's bond (with John Anderson, John McCreary) as guardian (appointed) to Hannah Moffett, orphan of John Moffett.


p. 51: Will Book No. 2

(284) 16th November, 1758. Israel Christian's bond (with John Trimble, Pat. Martin) as administrator of Joseph Bell.


p. 60: Will Book No. 2

(430)25th July, 1760. James Young's appraisement, by John Trimble, James Pol (Paul?), Morris O'Freal.


p. 71. Will Book No. 3

(168) 24th November, 1760. John McCinney's will - Plantationer. To wife, Mary; to son, Alexander; to daughter, Margaret Stuart; to son John; to daughters, Ann, Sarah, Mary. Executors, wife, Mary and son, John. Neighbor, James Phillips to make division of estate. Teste: Jno. Phillips, Jas. PHillips, Chas. Phillips. Proved, - August, 1762, by James and John Phillips. Executors qualified with Jno. Trimble. Mary's mark, John McCinney's (McKinney) mark.


p. 78. Will Book No. 3

(241) 19th August, 1761. Robert Armstrong's bond (with John Archer, Samuel Wilson), as guardian (appointed) to Jane and James Armstrong, orphans of James Armstrong.


p. 86. Will Book No. 3

(364) 20th November, 1764. James and Mary Trimble's bond (with James Gilmore, Ben. Estill, Geo. Moffett, David Trimble), as administrators of John Trimble.


p. 89. Will Book No. 3

(389) 19th March, 1765. John Trimble's appraisement (by Jno. Finley, Jno. Trimble, Jas. Sayers), recorded - Two negroes, 2 bound servants; cash due by Henry Cresswell, Chas. Clendenning; to Jno. Price's service under the command of Capt. Wm. Christian, 184 days.


p. 93. Will Book No. 3

(446) 7th November, 1765. The widdow Wallace's (Saml. Wallace) estate appraised, by Jno. Trimble, Maurice O'Freel, Jas. Sawyers.


p. 103. Will Book No. 4

(88) 18th March, 1768. George Moffett's bond (with John Christian) as guardian to James Trimble, orphan of John Trimble.


p. 107. Will Book No. 4

(195) 22d March, 1769. Settlement recorded of John Trimble's estate, by Mary and James Trimble, administrators - By John Prise' (Price?) weges and bounty,12.0.0. Cash of John Bigham on Geo. Bighams. By Henry Criswell's bond. Paid Andw. Baskin, Alex. McKinsey, John Boswell, Saml. Davison, Thos. Gardon on Bigham's account.


p. 123. Will Book No. 4

((506) 19th May, 1772. John Trimble's bond (with James Trimble, Saml. McDowell, Elijah McClenachan) as Assistant Surveyor.


p. 124. Will Book No. 4

(545) 4th June, 1772. John Trimble, Assistant Surveyor, enters 100 acres on the Walnut Hollow on a ridge between some of the southernmost branches of Irish Creek; also 200 acres on another ridge about a northeast course from the above and about 2 miles distant.


p. 131. Will Book No. 5

(139) 2d June, 1773. John Trimble, Assistant Surveyor, enters 400 acres on waters of Irish Creek between Mine Hole Survey and the Deviding Ridge; also 400 acres adjoining to above, including Edmonson's Camping Ground; also 200 acres on the top and both sides of the mountain at Kinkead's Gap.


p. 142. Will Book No. 5

(406) 29th February, 1776. John Jameson's will - To wife, Jane; to grandson, John Perry; to granddaughter, Sarah McNabb; to nine children. Executors, Robert Armstrong, Daniel O'Friel. Teste: John Trimble, John Young, Robt. Wallace. Proved, 19th March, 1776, by Trimble and Wallace. Executors qualify.


p. 185. Will Book No. 7

(166) 20th February, 1789. Andrew McClure's will - To son, Joshia (Josiah), 265 acres home place; to son, John; to wife, Elener; to daughter, Elizabeth; to daughter Elizabeth's son, John Trimble. Executors, sons John and Josiah. Teste: Zechariah Johnston, David and John McClure. Proved, 21st July, 1789, by David McClure, and 15th September, 1789, by John McClure.


p. 191. Will Book No. 7

(288) 29th October, 1789. John Trimble, Sr.'s will - To wife, Ann, son John to support her; to daughter, Margaret McClenachan; to daughter, Mary Philson; to son, Walter; to son, John, home plantation, adjoining plantation testator's son Robert lives on; to grandson, John Trimble, son to son Joseph, deceased, infant, if said grandson demand the same; to son, Robert, plantation Robert now lives on; to Robert's eldest son, James Trimble; to son Robert's widow and children, in case of Robert's death; to daughter, Elizabeth Ellot, and her husband, James Ellot. Executors, son John Trimble and William McPheeters. Teste: Elizabeth McClenachan, Jno. Young, Jno. Moffett, Michael Coalter. Proved, 19th October, 1790, by Young and Moffett.


p. 206. Will Book No. 8

(169) 12th April, 1794 . . . John Trimble, John Guthray, David McClure witness will of James McCune.


p. 216. Will Book No. 9

(10) 28th January, 1799. Charles Depreest's nuncupative will, declared at house of John Trimble, Jr., in presence of John Trimble, Sr., and James (mark) Ross - All estate to sister Polly Trimble, wife of John Trimble, except books to Uncle Walter Trimble. Proved, 24th June, 1799. Administration granted Jno. Trimble, Jr.


p. 254. Deed Book No. 1

(77) 13th May, 1746. George Robinson to John Finley,100 current money Virginia; 892 acres, part of Beverley Manor, and granted by Beverley to George 21st February, 1738, on Shannandore River; lines of the Manor. Witnesses, Robert Rennick, Jno. Trimble, James Price, Silas Hart. Acknowledged, 13th May, 1746, and Martha, wife of George, released dower.


p. 263. Deed Book No. 1

(351) 28th May, 1747. John Trimble to John Ellote,10; 200 acres on head of South Fork of Jennings Branch, North Fork of Buffilo Lick Brance. Teste: Jno. Harvey, James Porteus, John Madison. Acknowledged, 19th August, 1747.


p. 278. Deed Book No. 2

(429) William Beverley to William King, farmer, 251 acres in Beverley Manor. Corner John Trimble. Corner Morrice O'Friel. Teste: David Cunningham, James Alexander, Arthur Hamilton.


p. 283. Deed Book No. 2

(638) 27th February, 1749. Same [William Beverley] to Robert Young, planter (farmer) part of John Young's land in Beverley Manor (234 acres) on Back Creek. Corner to Hugh Young and John Trimble; corner William McPheeters; corner James Young. Teste: Thomas Stewart and Charles Dalhouse.


p. 292. Deed Book No. 3

(136) William King, farmer, of Mariyan, to John Trimble, farmer 251 acres in Beverley Manor; corner John Trimble, Beverley Manor line; corner Moses Offriel. Teste: John McKeu, Hugh Young, Wm. McFeeters. (Note: not dated, but lies betwee docs dated 16 February 1750 and 27 February 1750)


p. 295. Deed Book No. 3

(363) 28th May, 1751. John Trimble, Pat. Martin and Wm McPeetters, planters, 140 acres to Samuel Downey, planter, in Beverley Manor, Adam Thomson's line; corner Saml. Tempelton. Teste: James Magill, Jno. Brown, John McPeetters.


p. 301. Deed Book No. 4

(209) 20th May, 1752. Hugh Campbel to William Brown, 10 acres. On Brown's or Culton's Branch of North River of Shanando; corner Robert Brown. Part of 333 acres patented to Hugh, 20th September, 1748. Teste: John Trumble.


p. 302. Deed Book No. 4

(239) 20th May, 1752. John Lowry to Patrick Lowry, 200 acres North Fork of James. Teste: David Stewart, John Trimble, Robert McClenachan.


p. 302. Deed Book No. 4

(244) 27th December, 1751. John Cathey and Jaen, lately come from Ireland, now in the County of Augusta, intending to travel and settle in Carolina, to Samuel Wallace, 300 acres. In Beverley Manor, on Cathey's Creek, a middle branch of Shanando, part of 466 acres sold by Beverley to Wm. Cathey, 28th September, 1738, and by death of William (died intestate) descended to John, his oldest brother; corner John Trimble (formerly Wm. King); Hugh Young's and John Jamison's lines; Beverley Manor line; corner Morris O'Friel. Teste: Alexander Blear, Patrick Martin, Wm. McPhetters, James Scott, Morris O'Friel, James Berry.


p. 303. Deed Book No. 4

(300) 20th May, 1752. Beverley, &c., to John Trimble, 200 acres. In Beverley Manor; corner tract formerly Jno. Madison's, now Robt. McClenachan's line; formerly James Armstrong's line, now Ro. McClenachan's.


p. 308. Deed Book No. 5

(26) 17th November, 1752. Daniel McAnore and Hannah to Alexander Gobson, 115 acres. Middle River of Shanando joining land where McAnore dwells. Corner John Trimble; Thomas Gardner's line. Teste: David Trimble, John Walker.


p. 312. Deed Book No. 5

(224) 22d March, 1753. John Trimble to Andrew Scott, 200 acres in Beverley Manor; corner Moses Thompson, James Armstrong's line. Teste: Wm. Lusk, George Wilson, James Trimble.


p. 313. Deed Book No. 5

(285) 15th May, 1753. John Trimble and Ann to Robert Philips. 159 acres, part of 251 acres, sold by Beverley to Wm. King, 27th February, 1749, the Beverley Manor; corner Moses Offreel.


p. 317. Deed Book No. 5

(458) 17th August, 1753. David McComas to Jno. Trimble. 1753, power attorney to recover all debts, sell personalty. Teste: Andrew and Wm. Lewis.


p. 320. Deed Book No. 6

(4) 20the March, 1754. William McPheeters to John McPheeters, 212 acres between North Mountain and Cathey's River. Teste: Jno. Trimble, Jno. Speer, Robert Campbell.


p. 328. Deed Book No. 6

(357) 21st August, 1754. Alexander (his mark) Brownlee and Sarah to Jno. Trimble, 400 acres by patent, dated 8th November, 1752, on the southermost fork of the North River of Shanando on Stoney Lick Branch, near a Stony Lick.


p. 331. Deed Book No. 6

(497) 15th March, 1755. Robert Young,plantationer, to John Young, plantationer,40, 234 acres in Beverley Manor purchased by Robert of Beverley, 27th February, 1749, on Back Creek; corner Hugh Young; John Trimble's corner; corner Wm. McFeeters; James Young's corner. Delivered: James Young, March, 1758.


p. 332. Deed Book No. 6

(516) 17th March, 1755. Wm. McPhatters (McFeeters), Sr., to William, Jr., his son, natural love and affection, 322 acres where William, Sr., now lives,in Beverley Manor; John Trimble's corner; corner Wm. Vance, now John McPheeters.


p. 345. Deed Book No. 7

(393) 15th March, 1757. Robert Phillips and Mary ( ) to Walter Trimble. 110, 159 acres, part of 251 conveyed by Beverley to Wm. King, 27th February, 1749, and by King to Jno. Trimble, 23d February, 1751, in Beverley Manor; cor. Morris O'Freels; cor. Jno. Trimble, Beverley Manor patent line. Teste: Wm. Read, Samuel Henderson, Walter ( ) Trimble. Delivered: Walter Trimble, 7th December, 1762.


p. 351. Deed Book No. 8

(6) 17th March, 1758. John Young to Robert Allen,100, 234 acres in Beverley Manor, on Back Creek; corner Hugh Young; John Trimble's corner; corner Wm. McFeeters, James Young's corner. Delivered: Hugh Young, August, 1762.


p. 358. Deed Book No. 8

(208) 10th October, 1759. Alexander Gibson and Mary ( ) to Anthony Black,89, 115 acres on Middle River, joining Daniel McNeer where he now dwells; corner John Trimble; Thos. Gardner's line.


p. 360. Deed Book No. 8

(270) 14th March, 1760. John Trimble and Ann ( ) to Robt Phillips,24, 100 acres on Cathey's River; line of Robert Davis; oak on McClure's Run. Teste: Hugh ( ) Young, Morris ( ) Ofreal, Samuel Wallace, Wm. Stewart. Delivered: April Court, 1778.


p. 385. Deed Book No. 10

(362) 19th May, 1762. John Trimble and Mary ( ) to Henry Criswell, 400 acres on southemost branch of North River of Shanando, on Stony Lick Branch. Acknowledged and privy examination of Mary.


p. 389. Deed Book No. 11

(12) 20th August, 1762. Robert ( ) Allen and Martha ( ) to John Moffet,181, 234 acres in Beverley Manor; cor. Hugh Young; cor. Jno. Trimble; cor Wm. McPheeters; cor. James Young, Back Creek. Delivered: Mr. Moffett, 15th April, 1786.


p. 421. Deed Book No. 11

(835) 17th March, 1765. John Trimble to Walter Trimble, his son,5, 30 acres, part of 541 acres in Beverley Manor on head branches of Middle River. Delivered, 13th November, 1792.


p. 423. Deed Book No. 11

(890) 22d May, 1765. Samuel Wallace and Elizabeth ( ) to Jannet and Rachel Wallace, his daughters, deed of gift, 100 acres in Beverley Manor, part of 300 acres conveyed by John Cathey, 7th December, 1751; corner Jamison's land, branch of Middle River; corner John Trimble's land.


p. 427. Deed Book No. 12

(90) 20th August, 1765. Robert Campbell and Margret ( ) to Charles Campbell,20, 220 acres; corner Charles Campbell; corner John Erwin. Teste: James ( ) Trotter, John ( ) Craney, Jno. Trimble.


p. 450. Deed Book No. 13

(223) 4th November, 1766. Cornelius Brown, of Congras in South Carolina, taylor, power attorney to Abraham Brown, his brother, planter, of Augusta County, to make deed to William Davis, of County Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to 175 acres on Woods River, otherwise called New River, part of 350 acres conveyed by John Harrison to Cornelius. Teste: John Paxton, James Trimble, John Hickman, JohnTrimble.


p. 452. Deed Book No. 13

(283) 19th May, 1767. James Sayers to James Sayers, his son,150, 2 tracts on Middle River of Shanando - A containing 230 acres, corner John Trimble, crossing the Buffelow branch; B containing 100 acres adjoining the former, corner Thomas Gardner. Teste: George Elliot. Delivered: David Sawyers, devisee of James Sawyers, the grantee, 6th December, 1805.


p. 454. Deed Book No. 13

(359) 11th August, 1767. Jams Trimble, of Green Spring, and SArah to Peter Holle, of Hampsire,15, 85 acres on the Crab Apple Fork, a branch of South Branch of Potomac; corner survey formerly made for James, but now belonging to Peter; corner Peter Holle. Teste: Thos. Ratlif, John and Jean Trimble.


p. 470. Deed Book No. 14

(450) March, 1768. John Brown and Margaret to John Trimble, John Finley, William McFetters, Jr., George Berry and Hugh Young, representatives or commissioners appointed by the congregation of the meeting house lately called by the name of Brown's by the aprobation and under the conduct or the incumbency of the Re. Charles Cummins,1.5, 2 acres and a stone meeting house by a branch of theMeadow Run, a branch of Middle River of Shanandore, stone in the Glebe Road. Teste: James Brown, James Crow, Pat. Martin. Delivered: Wm. Moffett, 11th September, 1807.


p. 485. Deed Book No. 15

(421) 15th June, 1769. Samuel McClure and Mary ( ) to William McClure, 100, 274 acres in Forks of James River, corner Samuel McClure, John Poage's line. Teste: Samuel McClure, John and James Trimble.


p. 555. Deed Book No. 22

(307) 18th May, 1778. James Trimble's executors (John, Isaac and James Trimble), of Rockbridge County, to Woolderick Conrod, Jr. Delivered: Jacob Conrod, son of Wooldruck Conrod, 23d May, --, on South Branch of Potomac.


p. 556. Deed Book No. 22

(435) Patent to John Trimble, Sr., 10th March, 1756, on Cathey's River.