4 April 1766 - John Henderson will - wife, Rose; son, William; two daughters; executors: brother, James Henderson, wife's brother, John Finley; witnesses: John Davidson, Robert Finley; bonded: James Henderson, John Findley, Adam Dean, Wm. Finley. Proved 20 August 1766. Augusta County WB 3:461.

12 October 1786 - James Gillespy will, about to take a journey to Kentucky - brothers, William, Samuel; to mother and sister, Anne; executors: brothers, William and Samuel; witnesses: Wm. Connell, Chas. Donally, James Coleman; proved 21 December 1790. Augusta County WB 7:298.

3 July 1787 - James Gillispy and Sarah, his wife of Sevier County, NC to Andrew Lecky of Augusta County, VA, 65, two parcels containing 143 acres in Augusta, Beverley Manor, both sides of Elk Run . . . old survey containing 108 acres . . . corner to John Hambilton, corner to John McClure, corner to Thomas Hutchison, deceased . . . other survey containing 35 acres, joining old survey, corner to John Hamilton. Witnesses: Thos. McCollock, Matthew Russell, Alxr. Kelley, William Gillespy, William Henderson, James Alexander. Augusta County DB 26:44. Proved: Sevier County, State of Franklin by Oliver Alexander, Thomas Gilespy of said county.

1 September 1791 - William Henderson and William Gillespy of Green County, NC give power-of-attorney to friend Robert Finley of Augusta County, VA to sell 200 acres on Christian's Creek in Augusta County; witnesses: Andr. Ramsay, Samuel Steel, William Finley; proved 18 April 1792 by Samuel Steele; proved at August Court 1792 by Andrew Ramsay. Augusta County DB 27:250.

17 June 1794 - Wm. Henderson and Wm. Gillespy of Green County, NC by Robert Finely of Augusta, attorney in fact, to Francis Alexander son and legatee of Francis Alexander deceased; 5 shillings; 1/2 parcel of 200 acres . . . on Christian's Creek, corner to John Alexander. Augusta County DB 28:215.

5 May 1803 - Andrew Russell will; wife, Elizabeth; sons, Matthew, William, John, James, Andrew, Alexander; daughters, Ann, Elizabeth, Jean; son-in-law, James Robertson; grandson, Andrew Russle; executors: sons, Matthew, Andrew and Alexander. Proved 3 August 1803 in Knox County, TN by William Gillespie, William Henderson, Jas. Gillespie. Augusta County WB 9:313-315.