John Henderson Excerpts from Chalkley 1745 to 1800,

Augusta County, VA


Lyman Chalkley, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia; Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800, Complete in Three Volumes, Volume I, II, III. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, 1966.


Volume I

(xxx) = page number within order book


Order Book I

p. 20 - August 20, 1746 - (73) William Thompson to be overseer from Court Ho. to Tinkling Spring, already viewed, with these tithables: John Lynn and his three sons, John Henderson, John Ramsey, John Preston, Wm. Palmer, David Stuart, James Coile, Joseph McClelhill, Alexr. Thompson, John Mitchell, John Hutchison, Andrew Russell, Geo. Caldwell and his two sons.


Order Book VI

p. 85 - November 2, 1759 - (312) Lieutenant John Hopkins, for ranging. William Christian, for ranging and provisions for his Company. James Bell, for a horse impressed. John Henderson, for ranging. Saml. McDowell, for ranging.


Order Book VII

p. 99 - August 18, 1762 - (288) John Henderson complains of his father, George Henderson, setting forth that he uses him ill --- George summoned.


Order Book IX

p. 122 - May 25, 1765 - (434) Order for summoning George Henderson on complaint of son, John Henderson, is abated by death of George. Order to summon Thomas and Ann Armstrong dismissed.


Order Book X

p. 126 - October 19, 1765 - (47) John Henderson added to tithables.


p. 127 - May 20, 1766 - (158) Erwin vs. John Henderson. - Abates by death of defendant.


Order Book XI

p. 134 - March 24, 1767 - (65) Alexr. Maxwell, servant of John Henderson.


p. 134 - May 21, 1767 - (87) John Robinson and John Henderson appointed highway surveyors from head of North Fork of Roanoke to Capt. John Robinson's Mill.


Order Book XIV

p. 168 - August 18, 1772 - (408) Admn. of Daniel Henderson granted to John Henderson.


Order Book XV

p. 173 - May 24, 1773 - (138) James Kennerley, vice John Henderson --- road surveyor.


Order Book XVI

p. 185 - March 25, 1775 - (65) John Henderson, vice William Gragg --- Constable. Jacob Woodley --- Constable.


p. 206 - May 20, 1779 - (577) John Hutchinson and John Henderson, returned no inhabitants.


Order Book XVIII

p. 238 - January 18, 1785 - (348) David Henderson proved himself nearest heir-at-law of John Henderson, deceased, who was a soldier in Colonel Grayson's Regiment.


Order Book XIX

p. 241 - May 19, 1785 - (59) Archibald Strange, Peter Hindricks, John Henderson, Abraham Kelly, John Campbell, Sr., Daniel Harvie, John McKenny - returned no inhabitants.


County Court Judgments

p. 323 - Vestry vs. John Lewis. - Contract by Lewis to build Glebe mansion and kitchen, 22d August, 1748, with dimensions. Adverse report of viewers, John Henderson and William Wilson, March, 1759.


p. 329 - November 1763 (C) - Mathew Harper vs. John Handerson (sic). - John is a shoemaker.


p. 332 - May, 1765 (A) - Grand Jury presentments. - Mathias and George Lewis, for driving wagon on Sabbath. John Henderson complains that his father, George, abuses him ...


p. 350 - November, 1766 (B) - Christian vs. John Henderson, shoemaker. - 1765.


p. 355 - August, 1768 (B) - Boyd's Estate vs. Same. - At Bedford Store, 1764, March 27th. John Henderson swears, 10th March, 1767, he bought 2 tracts land of George Pearis on North Fork Roanoke, alias Goose Creek.


p. 379 - May, 1783 (B) - John Abney vs. John Campbell and John Henderson. - Petition, 29th July, 1783. Henderson dead.


p. 422 - February, 1806 (M) - ... William Clennondon, of Mason County, taken first Tuesday of October, at house of John Vanhever, in town of Point Pleasant, before Justice John Boush and John Henderson ...


Original Petitions and Papers Filed in the County Court: 1745-1748

p. 442 - To the Worshipful Court of Augusta now sitting: We, the inhabitants of this County, have long felt the smart of the great indulgence the ordinary keepers of this County have met with in allowing them to sell such large quantities of rum and wine at an extravagant rate, by which our money is drained out of the County, for which we have no return but a fresh supply to pick our pockets. We, your petitioners, humbly pray your worship to put a stop to the said liquors, which would encourage us to pursue our laborious designs, which is to raise sufficient quantities of grain which would sufficiently supply us with liquors and the money circulate in this County to the advantage of us, the same. We hope that your worships will discover to us that you have a real regard for the good of the County, and lay us under an obligation to pray for your prosperity. ... Daniel McAnair (McEvear), ... Robert Moffet, Alexander Henderson, Andrew Hamilton, John Finley ... Robert Sayers, ...James Brown, ...John Hutcheson, ...John Henderson, ...Samuel Calhoon, John Trimble, ...


p. 443 - 1753-54, Part 2 - May 16, 1753, To ye worshipful bench, if I be continued overseer of ye road from John Cambel's field to the town for this year, that you allow me William Ledgerwood, John Bigham, George Cambel, William McNabb, James Peevy, John Cambel, Thomas Peevy, Robert Young, taxable; John Black, taxable; David Stewart, Samuel Sprowl, James Miller, James Miles, Abram Miller; Mr. Wright, taxable; James Brown, Samuel Willson, John Cunningham - all for to keep the said road in repairs for the year 1753. (Signed) John Henderson.


p. 459 - August, 1768 (B) - Garnishment vs. John Henderson, in behalf of Andrew Boyd, vs. Samuel Pepper. - Henderson deposes, 10th March, 1767, that in 1766 he purchased through Robert McGee, of George Pearis, a tract of land on North Fork of Roanoke, alias Goose Creek.


p. 474 - March, 1767 - John Henderson's Estate, debtor to William Fleming. - 1764.


Volume II


p. 58 - Judgments - Duval vs. Triplett - O.S. 7: N.S. 3 - Bill filed in Harrison Co., September 1799 ... Isaac Williams deposes at house of Edward Stephenson in Wood Co. before Hugh Phelps & John G. Henderson, justices, 5th October, 1801 ...


p. 106 - Judgments - Beard vs. Henderson - O.S. 94; N.S. 32 - Bill, 7th October 1801. Concerning 2 tracts of 400 acres on Ohio River, in Mingo Bottom in Yohogania County, afterwards Ohio, now Brooke. John Henderson died in January 1798 leaving minors Alexander, Angus, John, Duncan, Isabella, Mary and Jane Henderson.


p. 126 - Lessley vs. Lessley - O.S. 145; N.S. 50 - Bill, 29th September, 1804. Complainants are, viz: Rachel Crawfore (wife of Alexander), Sally Henderson (wife of John), Polly Bell (wife of Robert), Agness Evans (wife of Morgan), only children, heirs and devisees of James Lesly, deceased of Augusta ...


p. 137 - Wilson vs. Holliday - O.S. 168; N.C. 59 - Bill filed in Brooke County, 8th August, 1803. George Holliday, formerly of Glenco, now of Ballegate, Scotland, complains that before 1783 in Scotland, John Henderson, sometimes of Kingshouse in Scotland, at times following droving, became indebted to George, who is his near relative by account from 1781 to 1785 ...


p. 177 - Seawright vs. Seawright - O.C. 220; N.S. 78 - .... niece Margaret Seawright; (also Margaret Henderson, late Seawright, wife of John Henderson, living in Georgia ...)


p. 193 - Henderson vs. Crespas' heirs - O.S. 252; N.S. 88 - Bill, 5th August 1805 ... John G. Henderson of Wood County, aged 33, deposes, in Hampshire County, 5th November, 1807 ...


p. 222 - Randolph's administrator vs. Kenny et alias - O.C. 300; N.S. 107 - Bill, 20th July 1812 ... Sarah married Joseph Henderson of Augusta and had children, viz: John, Robert, Joseph, William, Sally, Jane, who married Alexander Buchanan, and Mary, who married Robert Morrison ...


p.277 - Marriage licenses - September 30, 1765, John Henderson.


p. 295 - Marriage licenses - 1792, January 3, John Henderson and Sarah Lessley, daughter of James Lessley, deceased; surety, Alex. Buchanan; witness, Jno. McClenachan.


p. 344 - 1801 - June 3, John Spences and John Henderson, surety. John Spences, widower, and Florence Henderson, daughter of Wm. Henderson.


p. 358 - 1792 - January 3d, John Henderson and Betsy Lofly.


p. 400 - fee books - 1759, page 11, John Henderson, son of William; James Henderson, son of William ...

p. 401 - fee books - 1761, page 81, John Henderson, shoemaker ...

p, 401 - fee books - 1764, page 106, John Henderson, shoemaker ...

p. 402 - fee books - 1765, John Henderson, son of William ...

p. 403 - fee books - 1767, page 97, John Henderson, Middle River ...

p. 404 - fee books - 1767, page 146, John Henderson, R. Oak ...

p. 406 - fee books - 1769, John Henderson, son Samuel, (August), Henderson's deeds to you 161, John Henderson, son of John ...

p. 407 - fee books - 1770, page 129, John Henderson, Middle River ...

p. 408 - fee books - 1774, John Henderson, Dry River ...


p. 413 - Delinquents - The following Lists of Delinquents in the Tax Levies are not copies of the complete lists as returned to the Court, but contain only the names of those for whose delinquency some reason is assigned by the officer making his return. 1748 ... Jno. Henderson, Constable ...


p. 418 - Delinquents - 1756, Jno. Henderson, Constable ...


p. 421 - Lists of Supernumeraries ... Jno. Henderson ...


p. 436 - Augusta Parish Vestry Book - page 24 - John Lynn and Robert Young report, viz: 8th March, 1747-8, processioned for John Henderson, Samuel Downey, Wm. Nutt, James McCorkle, Wm. Ledgerwood, Alex. McFeters, James Gilmore's, Robert Davies, W. and James Bell, John Lynn.


p. 442 - Augusta Parish Vestry Book - page 162 - William Henderson and Thomas Stewart, in Captain William Christian's Company, John Henderson and William Baskins, in Captain Israel Christian's Company. Alexander Crawford and John Finley, in Captain Thomas Armstrong's Company. ... 1755


p. 444 - Augusta Parish Vestry Book - page 179 - 1756, Processioned in Capt. Israel Christian's Company by John Henderson and Wm. Baskins, viz: For Rev. John Craig ...


p. 464 - Augusta Parish Vestry Book - page 282 - For John Buchanan, for Capt. Robert Breckinridge, for Col. Steward, for John Henderson, for Robert McClenachan, for James Bratton, for John Miller, for Joanes Henderson. 1760.


p. 494 - Military Services - Jesse Lewis' Declaration, October 13th 1832: Born in lbemarle, May 13th 1763. In 1780 was drafted and performed a tour at Cabin Point under Capt. John Henderson ...


p. 497 - John Bradshaw's Declaration, May 7th 1833: Aged 74 years on second February, last. In 1776, when 18 years old, he volunteered as spy and was a private in Capt. John Henderson's Company; in 1777, the same ...


Volume III


p. 15 - 22nd December, 1743. Daniel Denniston's will of Beverley Manor in Augusta County - Wife, Sarah; son, Daniel (unmarried); daughter, Ann Gilaspy and her children; son-in-law, Patrick Gilaspy; granddaughter, Sarah Gilaspy; granddaughter, Jean Gilaspy. Executors, John Lewis and Ro. Poage. Teste: John Henderson, James Trimble. WB 1:211.


p. 24 - 28th November, 1751. Robert Bratton and James McCorkle's bond as guardians of Archd. Crockett, orphan of Robt. Crockett, with sureties James Lockhart, Jno. Henderson, appointed. WB 1:403.


p. 48 - 17th May, 1758. Rachel Bell's bond (with Jas. Sayers, Jno. Henderson) as guardian (chosen) to Mary Anne Bell, orphan of James Bell. WB 2:241.


p. 86 - 31st August, 1764. Samuel Wallace's estate appraised by Robt. McClenachan, Jno. Henderson, Jos. Ewing. WB 3:361.


p. 95 - 4th April, 1766. John Henderson's will, farmer - Wife, Rose; son, William; daughters, if either die, the other to enjoy her share. Teste: John Davidson, Robt. Finley. Executors, brother James and wife's brother, John. Proved, 20th August, 1766, by the witnesses. James Henderson and John Finley qualified executors, with Adam Dean and Wm. Finley. WB 3:461.


p. 96 - 24th September, 1766. John Henderson's estate appraised by Jno. Poage, Jno. Ramsey, Jno. Graham. WB 3:481.


p. 104 - 7th May, 1768. Robert Fillson's will - To sister, Florans Fillson, all estate. Executors, John Givens, Saml. Henderson, Teste: Saml. Bell, John Henderson, John Givens. Proved, 18th May, 1768, by Givens and Bell. Executors refused to execute. William Robertson qualifies, with Saml. Henderson, George Crawford. WB 4:119.


p. 111 - October, 1767. Dr. James Henderson and John Finley - To estate of John Henderson, deceased. WB 4:246.


p. 112 - 3d November, 1769. David Black's will - To wife Elizabeth; to children. Executors, Saml. Black and John Bigham. Teste: John Henderson, Jno. Black, Wm. Cowan ... WB 4:270.


p. 116 - 2d September, 1770. William Henderson's will, aged about 71 years - To wife; two sons, William and David Henderson; to son, James; to three sons-in-law, David and Joseph Bell and John Leeper; to Shusanna Henderson, daughter of son John Henderson; to Shusanna Finley, daughter to daughter Martha; to granddaughter, Jeen Teas. Executors, wife, and brother, Samuel Henderson, and testator's son, James Henderson. Teste: Walter Davis, John Carlile. Proved, 20th November, 1770, by the witnesses. James Henderson qualifies executor, with Samuel Henderson, John Carlile. WB 4:350.


p. 125 - 19th August, 1772. John Henderson's bond (with John Malcom, John McCoy)

as administrator of Daniel Henderson. WB 5:4.


p. 167 - 29th August, 1777. List of those indebted to the estate of Roger North ... John Henderson, son to David, So. River, dead ... WB 6:334.


p. 172 - 28th February, 1776. John Henderson's will, of County and Parish of Botetourt, joiner - To wife, Jean, and 10 children; to son, John the tract said John, Jr., lives on; to son, Jones Henderson, to son-in-law, Robert Ritchey, executors. Teste: John and Robert Henderson. Codicil, 1st April, 1783. Appoints wife Jean as one of the executors. Proved, 16th August, 1785, by Robert and John McCutchen. Jones Henderson qualifies. WB 6:476.


p. 189 - List of book debts due Thomas Stuart ... John Henderson (shoemaker) ... (no date, but next entry dated 15 February 1788). WB 7:244.


p. 197 - 26th April, 1791. Joseph Henderson's will - To wife, Sarah, for taking care of the children; to daughter, Jean, wife of Alex. Buchanan; to four sons, John, Robert, Joseph, William, property left testator by will of his father-in-law, John Miller, deceased; to daughters, Polly and Sally Henderson. Executors, wife Sarah and son John. Teste: Elijah McClenachan, David Buchanan, Gabriel Pendel. Proved, January Court, 1792, by David Buchanan and Gabriel Pendleton. Executors qualify. WB 7:464.


p. 205 -27th June, 1782. Robert Armstrong's will, cloathier ... On motion of Robert Stuart, commission awarded; addresses to John Henderson and John Blaingame, presiding judge of the Court of Union County. Executed 18th November, 1793, before John Henderson and Jno. Blasingame, and fully proved and recorded December Court, 1793. WB 8:148.


p. 220 - 7th March, 1801. Joanes Henderson's will - To wife, Isabell; sons, John, Joseph, Jones. Executors, wife Isabell, son Joseph, Alex. Craig; to (son James?), daughter Becky, daughter Sarah, daughter Margaret; to grandchildren, children of daughter Jean Grey. Teste: Edward Walsh, William Seel, John Risk, Jr. Proved, 22d June, 1801. Isabella refuses to execute. Others qualify. WB 9:117.


p. 262 - 13th August, 1747. Wm. Beverley to John Henderson, L25.5.5; 520 acres in Beverley Manor on a branch of Lewis Creek; line of James McCurkle's land. Witnessed and proved as above (above says Teste: Robt Davies, W. Russell, John Lin. Proved by all, 19th August, 1747). DB 1:323.


p. 269 - 12th and 13th August, 1747 ... Same as to John Henderson's deed ... DB 1:547.


p. 271 -20th August, 1748. David Steward to James Miller, 57 acres in Beverley Manor; Beverley Manor; corner John Henderson. Margaret, wife of David. Teste: Robert Davies, John Hutchinson. DB 2:71.


p. 278 - 27th February, 1749. Same to John Jamison, 104 acres on Back Creek in Beverley Manor. Corner Ro. Davis. Samuel Wallace's line, Hugh Young's land. Teste: John Henderson. DB 2:450.


p. 280 - 28th February, 1749. Same to John Lynn, Jr. 282 1/2 acres in Beverley Manor. Corner John Bigham. Corner William Nutt, John Henderson's line. John Linn, Sr. Teste: James and Andrew Linn, James Henderson. DB 2:529.


p. 298 - 26th November, 1751. Beverley (by Lewis and Madison) to Wm. Ledgerwood, Jr., 300 acres in Beverley Manor on Buchanan's Mill Creek, formerly Nutt Creek; John Bigham line; John Buchanan land; James McCorkal's line; corner John Henderson; corner John Lynn. DB 3:514.


p. 301 - John Lynn, Jr., and Jean, to Nathan Gilliland, 282 1/2 acres. In Beverley Manor; John Bigham's line; corner Jno. Buchanan; Jno. Henderson's line; John Lynn, Sr.'s, land. Teste: Arthur Hamilton, Samuel Wallace. DB 4:173.


p. 306 - 20th August, 1752. James Edmiston, son and heir and administrator of David Edmiston and Isabella Edmiston, relict and heir and administrator of David Edmiston to Hugh McClure, 350 acres in Beverley Manor, from Beverley to David, 24th July, 1740. Teste: Andrew Kerr, John Henderson, Adam Thompson. DB 4:459.


p. 337 - 20th August 1755. Thomas Watterson and Mary (her mark), to Saml. Black ... 183 acres ... on Naked Creek ... Teste: John Henderson and Jno. Anderson. DB 7:160.


p. 352 - 29th October, 1758. James ( ) Coyle to John and Robt. Thompson, L49.5.0 tract on Christian's Creek where Coyle now lives bought by Coyle from James Patton, 12th September, 1750, 310 acres; corner Wm. Palmer; corner Geo. Robinson (now Wm. Henderson's land); corner tract surveyed for Wm. Russell (now Alexander Thompson's land). Teste: Alexander Thompson, Wm. Thompson, Jno. Henderson. Delivered: Rob. Thompson, August, 1762. DB 8:53.


p. 354 - 21st March, 1759. William Henderson and Susanna () to James Henderson, L15, 430 acres, part of 1415 acres whereon said William now lives, on a branch of Christian's Creek; line of Thos. Black; corner said Black and Robt. Cunningham; George Caldwell's line. Teste: James Mitchell, James Hutchinson. Delivered; James Henderson, November, 1768. DB 8:101.


p. 354 - 21st March, 1759. Wm. Henderson and Susanna ( ) to Jno. Henderson, L20, 200 acres, part of 1415 as above; Thos. Rutledge's crossing Black's Branch. Teste: James Mitchell. Delivered; Jno. Henderson, March, 1760. DB 8:104.


p. 359 - __ day __, 1760. John Henderson to Mathew Harper, L40, 200 acres, part of 1415 formerly surveyed for Wm. Henderson, on Christian's Creek, Thomas Rutledge's land, Black's Branch. Teste: Pat. Martin, Wm. Henderson, David Bell. Delivered: Wm. Shannon, December, 1764. DB 8:258.


p. 376 - 20th August 1761. Matthew Harper and Margaret to John Henderson, shoemaker, L40, 200, part of 1415 acres in Beverley Manor, formerly surveyed for William Henderson, on Christian's Creek; cor. Thomas Rutledge, crossing Black's Branch. Teste: Alex. Gibson, Francis Smith, George Skillern. DB 9:542.


p. 384 - 18th May, 1762. Andrew Russell and Florence ( ) to Joshua Russell, their son, L5, 150 acres on Christian's Creek in Beverley Manor, part of 496 acres conveyed by Beverley to Andrew, 24th September, 1741; John Henderson's line. Delivered: Joshua Russell, March, 1767. DB 10:335.


p. 386 - 17th August, 1762. James Leeper, Jr., to his father, James Leeper, Cr. [Sr.] L100 on Naked Creek of North River Shanandore, patented to James Leeper, Sr., 12th July, 1746, part of a patent, 26th April, 1742, 230 acres. Teste: Hugh Ross, Isaiah Curry, John Hind. Delivered: John Henderson, September, 1765. DB 10:436.


p. 390 - 16th November, 1762. Samuel Henderson and Jean to Charles Smith, L40, two tracts on Dry River, a branch of North River of Shanandoe. 1st tract of 165 acres conveyed to Samuel by Samuel McMahon, 7th September, 1753, 2d tract, containing 117 acres patented to Samuel, 14th February 1761; cor. Daniel Smith. Teste: Pat. Lockhart, Jno. Henderson, Alexander McDonnall, Delivered: Charles Smith, February 1765. DB 11:27.


p. 392 - 18th November, 1762. John Henderson and Mary ( ) to Hugh Martin, L75, 200 acres on Christian's Creek, cor. Thomas Rutledge's land. Teste: James Hughes, Wm. Shannon, Moses Thomsen. DB 11:92.


p. 394 - 9th February, 1763. William ( ) Ledgewood and Rebecca ( ) to Moses Williams, L27, 300 acres in Beverley Manor on Buchanan's Mill Creek; John Begam's line; corner John Buchanan's land; Elijah McClenachan's land, formerly James McCorkle's; corner John Henderson; Nathan Gillilan's land, formerly John Lyon's. Teste: Abraham Biss. Delivered: Moses Williams, 5th August, 1783. DB 11:160.


p. 396 - 20th April, 1763. Isiah Curry to George Martin, L31, 100 acres on South River Shannando, Christian Clemmans' land. Teste: Samuel Eastlake, John Henderson, George Trout. DB 11:196.


p. 401 - 19th April, 1763. William Hutcheson and Anne ( ) to John Graham, L140, 196 acres on Christian's (Christee's) Creek between lands of John Hutcheson and John Henderson, 172 acres of which were formerly conveyed by said Hutcheson to said John Graham and Robert Graham; corner Jno. Henderson. Teste: Abraham Biss. Delivered: John Graham, March Court, 1767. DB 11:348.


p. 411 - 15th May, 1764. Hugh Martin to Mathew Harper, L80, 200 acres, part of 1415 surveyed for William Henderson and conveyed to John Henderson, and from him to Mathew Harper, Mathew to John Henderson, from Henderson to Hugh Martin, on Christian's Creek; corner Thomas Rutledge's land, crossing Black's Branch. Teste: John Handley and Archibald Handley. DB 11: 626.


p. 425 - 23d May, 1765. Same [Robert Beverley] to Ephraim Wilson, L6, 200 acres in Beverley Manor on a branch of Christian's Creek; John Hutchinson's line; John Henderson's line; John Graham's corner. DB 12:26.


p. 439 - 10th April, 1766. Ephraim Wilson and Isabella to Sampson and George Mathews, L25, 200 acres in Beverley Manor; oaks in John Hutcheson's line, John Henderson's line, John Graham's corner, conveyed to Ephraim by Robert Beverley. DB 12:481.


p. 457 - 18th August, 1767. William Fleming and Anne (Anna) to Robert Reed, tavernkeeper, of Staunton, L200, two tracts, A containing 300 acres purchased by William of Israel Christian, 24th September, 1763, Beverley's Mill Place line; also B containing 440 acres purchased by William of Robert Beverley, 23d May, 1765, Israel Christian's line, corner David Stuart and John Miller; corner John Henderson. Delivered to Mrs. Reid, 5th June, 1781. DB 13:464.


p. 459 - 17th November, 1767. John Hutchison and Isable ( ), wheelwright, to William Hutchison, farmer, L5, 242 acres on Christian's Creek in Beverley Manor, granted to George Hutchison by Wm. Beverley, 21st February, 1738. George died intestate and the land descended to John, his oldest son, to make a title to William, 242 acres on Christian's Creek; corner Samuel Pilson's land. Teste: John Henderson, Samuel Pilson, Zechariah Johnston, John Thomson. Delivered: Wm. Hutchison, 24th December, 1771. DB 13:535.


p. 489 - 16th August, 1769. Samuel Henderson, farmer, and Jean to John Henderson, L5, 120 acres on Middle River of Shanandoe, containing 120 acres, part of 250 acres patented to Jas. Thompson and conveyed to Samuel, 16th March, 1762, mouth of Littlers' Run. Teste: James Craig, James Alexander, -----Femster. Delivered: Jno. Henderson, Augusta, 1773. Recorded, 15th August, 1769. DB 15:545.


p. 509 - 21st May, 1771. John Henderson and Jean ( ) to Joseph Henderson, L200, 520 acres in Beverley Manor on a branch of Lewis Creek, James McCorkle's line. Delivered: Joseph Henderson, 18th January, 1773. Teste: John Hind. DB 17:198.


p. 534 - 17th August, 1773. Daniel Henderson to John Henderson, patented to the said Daniel Henderson (by distinction "Junior"), 25th September, 1762. Teste: Joseph Malcom, John Malcom, Sr., John Malcom, Jr. DB 19:418.


p. 536 - 6th June, 1772. Robert Henderson, eldest son and heir of Daniel Henderson, deceased, to John Henderson, his brother, on Bever Creek and Spring Creek, patented to said Daniel, 7th August, 1769. DB 20:37.


p. 538 - Two tracts patented to Daniel Henderson. John Henderson to Abraham Henderson. Delivered: Robert Henderson, 2d June, 1785. Teste: Samuel McConkey, D.A.C. DB 20:277.


p. 538 - Same to Joseph Henderson. Delivered: B. Forsythe, February 1776. Patented to Daniel Henderson, Jr., 25th September, 1762, and conveyed to said John Henderson by letter deeds. DB 20:279.


p. 543 - Property of John Henderson conveyed to John by Robert Henderson, son and heir apparent at law of Daniel Henderson, deceased, on Bever Creek. DB 21:115. [undated - falls between deed dated 6th February 1775 and 15 May 1775]


p. 552 - 10th July, 1777. Robert Henderson and Mary ( ) and John Henderson, and Mary ( ) to Henry Miller, ironman. On 6th June, 1772, Robert conveyed to his brother, John, above, 675 acres hereafter conveyed but before deed was fully proven the time expired in which it could be proved and title remains in Robert, although, but John has in the meantime sold 100 acres to Abraham Smith and Abraham Henderson; now convey 550 acres on Bever Creek and Spring Creek. The 650 acres were patented to Daniel Henderson, father of said Robert, and John, 7th

August, 1761. Teste: Stephen and Abraham ( ) Harding, Alexander, Thomas and John Wade. DB 22:138.